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 American Law Dictionary is a English-Japanese dictionary on American Legal Terms for Japanese speaking people.

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OTSUKA & ASSOCIATES, A Limited Liability Law Company, was established by Junsuke Otsuka . Junsuke Otsuka is an international lawyer who has pioneered the boutique practice of commercial law for the international community especially Japanese clients investing in Hawaii.  Their combination is a microcosm of Hawaii where they practice law.

Its mission - providing the highest quality legal advice throughout the world, regardless of clients' size with an efficiency and innovation their clients need to succeed in our rapidly evolving global economy. 

 The term "Beikokuhou" used for the domain name means "American Law" in Japanese.


-International Business (Corporate, Non-Profits, Real Estate, Immigration, Employment, Tax, E-Commerce, Financial Institutions, Securities, Insurance)

-Complex Litigation (International, Commercial, Personal Injury, Conflict of Law, Civil Rights)

-Japan Related (Japanese Law, Litigation Support, inheritance)

- U.S. Asset Management (Wills & Trust, Bankruptcy)

- Others (Divorce, Criminal, Administrative)

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Honolulu Hawaii 96813

Tel: (808) 537-4030
Fax: (808) 356-0825

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